Sustainability Feature

Here I will feature pertinent older posts on various topics surrounding sustainability.  This is a taste of my thoughts shared in this blog.  Click on the ‘sustainability’ category to the side for more…

Some of My Favorite Posts:

Stewards of Earth.  The Purpose of my Blog.  “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.”  ~John Muir

Forget Climate, are We Prepared for the Weather?   You can debate climate change as much as you’d like; harsh weather still occurs and we aren’t ready for it.  There is Sustainability in Preparation.

Threshold of Consequence.    Surely we don’t have a significant impact on the environment and the climate.  But we still do things.  How far do the consequences of our impacts extend?

Saving Rain for a Dry Day.    There are several ways to capture and use water effectively, efficiently, and aesthetically.

What is Living Architecture? Encroaching on the natural world with asphalt, steel, and glass brings a multitude of problems to the natural world.  However, it also means cities are plagued with stormwater issues, urban heat islands, pollution, and reduced diversity.  Green roofs and green walls (aka living architecture)  seek to integrate the natural world back into the built environment.

Voyage to an Earthship and Enjoyable Earthship.  Both of these posts focus on my visit to some incredible ‘biotecture’ near Taos, New Mexico.

Lost in Transmission: Energy.  Powerlines and pipelines dance across the landscape almost everywhere.  But what are the consequences of transporting our precious energy from far-away sources??

Getting ‘Sustainably’ Involved in St. Louis.  Sometimes it’s tough being green.  Here is a list of organizations and events that sustainability advocates might consider in the St. Louis area.


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