Enjoyable Earthship

Here are a couple more pictures from our trip to Taos, NM to the Earthship community.  Our Earthship was The Euro (for sale apparently), which I posted about earlier.

The view of scrubland/desert and mountains on the horizon made our stay very enjoyable.  The nearby Taos Ski Valley provides recreational fun any time of year.

It was interesting to experiment with the circulation system to manage comfort levels.

These are the ropes that operate the vent boxes in the roof, part of an ingenious but relatively simple off-the-grid circulation system.  The plants in the interior window’s reflection take in water from sinks and showers and provide filtration for greywater (to be used in the toilets).  The plants can also filter and purify the air and even produce produce!  Oh, the potential!

No wonder the late Dennis Weaver built one in Colorado!


3 thoughts on “Enjoyable Earthship

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