Echinacea Visitor

Echinacea Visitor by mostendorf1
Echinacea Visitor, a photo by mostendorf1 on Flickr.

No worries. I haven’t stopped taking pictures of nature and I haven’t stopped advocating for environmental sustainability. Anywho, I continue to take advantage of the natural areas and native landscaping at Shaw Nature Reserve.This is a Pearl Crescent Butterfly on a Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea).


Along the Crest, Crested Iris

Enjoyed another fantastic day at Shaw Nature Reserve.  Following my volunteering stint, I hiked through the dry glades and woodlands near the Meramec River, evaluating the Spring’s continuing transition in color.  Among the most vibrant and prolific today was Dwarf Crested Iris (Iris cristata).  Just another native to consider in your garden!

Desaturated Prairie

Here’s the last photo from my visit to Shaw Nature Reserve last weekend.

Another prairie plant I’m unfamiliar with.  I suppose that makes it easier for me to mess with the saturation/contrast of the original then…

The original.

Let me know if you’re familiar with this plant species, genus, or family.

More Prairie, More Fall Color

One more photo from our trail walk at Shaw Nature Reserve on Prairie Day.

I almost NEVER edit my photos beyond the occasional crop and resize.  The first photo, however, I thought Looked pretty good.  Here are both.



Well, almost fall.

Fall Bloomer in the Prairie

This was also in the prairie at Shaw Nature Reserve along with the Gentian (See previous entry).  It appears to be Slender False Foxglove (Agalinis tenuifolia), formerly known as Gerardia tenuifolia.  It is a beautiful native, late-season annual.

Prairie Gentian

Today was Prairie Day at Shaw Nature Reserve.  I learned how to use an atlatl, saw many cool exhibits, ate a bison burger, and took a walk through the prairie with the camera.   While the brutal drought is still evident throughout the region, the recent rains seem to be aiding in the fall bloom season.  Anywho, I took a few photos.  Here is just one for now.

I’m fairly sure this is Prairie or Downy Gentian (Gentiana puberulenta).  These beautiful perennials, at less than 2 feet tall, could be easily missed in a full prairie, were it not for the vibrant blue-purple flowers.  And yes, it’s native.  And yes, it’s drought resistant.  Why not try something like this in your sunny flower garden?  Grow Native!

Summer Day Hike at Shaw Nature Reserve

With a lull in the hot weather, we took a day hike today out at Shaw Nature Reserve.  Things looked crispy and dried up.  But, all things considered, the natives seem to be surviving.  Anywho, here are a few photos of our outing.

Baptisia australis

Beautiful seed pods.  This is Baptisia, though the exact species may be False Blue Indigo (Baptisia australis) or perhaps white False Indigo (Baptisia alba).  They are doing very well this year, considering the drought.

Silphium laciniatum

A towering Compass Plant (Silphium laciniatum) nodded as we passed by.

Asclepias tuberosa

Butterfly Milkweed (Asclepias tuberosa) brings vibrant color to the drought-stricken landscape.  Saw several of these plants in the Whitmire Wildflower Garden within the reserve.

Native Green Roof at Shaw Nature Reserve

Finally, a native green roof atop a new restroom facility near the Bascom House.