Winter Hiking: A Great Idea!

Just after Christmas, I took some friends on a day hike south of St. Louis, Missouri.  Winter hikes are the best…no ticks or mosquitoes!  And the weather this day was particularly pleasant.

We visited HickIce Globeory Canyons Natural Area, in Ste Genevieve County, which features box canyons and sandstone cliffs.  During the right winter conditions, icicles form throughout the canyons.  I call the sight ‘God’s Pipe Organ.’  At any rate, we visited on a day above freezing.  In the silence and solitude of sandstone, ferns, lichen, and moss, an icy stalactite would occasionally crash down into the valley below.

One icicle must have impaled the soft ground, melted, and refroze.  The result was an ice globe.

Don’t give up on the outdoors when the leaves on the trees have fallen and the flowers aren’t in bloom (Actually…Witch Hazel).  Nature gives you entertainment and enchantment year-round!

More photos on my Flickr.


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