Flutter Followers

I paid another visit to the Butterfly House in Chesterfield.  Unlike our previous visit (see post), it was cold and dry outside, and hot and humid inside.  This month is particularly good for visiting since so many butterflies are released, especially the blue morphos.  Most of the blue morphos were active, making it difficult for me to grab a shot.  Everything in the tropical setting seemed to move!  Some fluttered across my line of vision.  A pair of blue morphos flew around me as if I obstructed their flight along the path.  A few followed me briefly, before flying off to the other human attractions.  One blue morpho landed on my back, seemingly sticking its proboscis out at me and my camera…  The beautiful little freeloader stayed there for almost 10 minutes as I walked around!

Anyway, some of the other butterflies were considerably more photogenic…here are a few of the photos.






3 thoughts on “Flutter Followers

      • lol…yes but in a Butterfly House I’m sure you could get many photos…it is the challenge of taking great photos…that’s the accomplishment! at least it would be for me…I rarely see a butterfly around here so I enjoy others photos of them…

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