Halloween Hike at Castlewood

I visited Castlewood State Park, just outside of St. Louis, for a rejuvenating hike. Even though we’ve passed our peak for fall color, I brought along the camera.  And I’m glad I did!!

The lighting and shadow from the half-empty canopy made photography in the forest fun.

Understory Tragedy

A jewel in the rubble.  An oak leaf has fallen on this (evil) honeysuckle (Lonicera spp.) shrub.

A dogwood, although I’m not certain if it’s a Flowering Dogwood or something else of the Cornus genus.

Part of the allure of Castlewood is it’s trail that runs along the edge of the Meramec River as well as on the bluffs a couple hundred feet above it.


6 thoughts on “Halloween Hike at Castlewood

  1. Beautiful pictures & looks like it was a beautiful day for a hike as well!

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  2. Two weekends ago we took our 6 year old to a nearby forest for a fall hike. The weather was a bit on the chilly side but we loved it. There is something truly beautiful about nature, but somehow, especially beautiful during Autumn season ~ as your photos captured so well! We couldn’t help but take lots of pictures of the scenery too. 🙂

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