We’ve Come So Far

I found myself at a fun concert Saturday evening with free music (Tickets to the Beatles).  The shindig included a car show.

I love old cars.  I know they get poor gas mileage compared to today’s fuel sippers, but you can’t deny the coolness of classic styling!

I’m not sure I can relate much to sustainability here…except that the concert made use of an otherwise underused parking lot.  A few parking spaces were blocked off for the concert, inflatable bounce house (for the kids), and car show, leaving the rest of the lot for guests.  With this sort of event setup,  in between songs, one could duck into the camera store, get a hair cut, grab some margaritas, or enjoy some frozen yogurt by simply walking along the strip mall.  I’ve always disliked retail strips and malls in general because of the lack of social interaction involved (you pretty much have to pay a cashier for conversation).  With regular events like this, it’d be nice to socialize with locals and maybe even get to know people.  Nice!


What do you think?

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