Colorado Sandbox

After visiting the Earthship community in New Mexico, we drove to Great Sand Dunes National Park near Alamosa, Colorado.  It was a beautiful day to climb the dunes!  Two out of three of us climbed “high dune” the 650 ft dune visible from the parking lot that only appears to be the tallest in the park.  Hiking sand dunes is extremely strenuous, particularly at 8,000 ft above sea level (versus 400-900 ft around Missouri), boy, I tell you what (*Hank Hill voice*).  The great part about reaching the top is being able to come back down any way you want.  I moon-hopped down the soft-sand embankments while my bro-in-law spent most of his time rolling and sliding down the steeper dunes.  Exhilerating!

Anywho, the day was beautiful for photography.

Prairie, Forest, Snow-capped Mountains, Great Sand Dunes, Blue Sky

If you ever have the chance to visit Great Sand Dunes NP, you’ll have the chance to climb sand dunes, enjoy the beach-like creek, hike in the nearby forest and mountains, visit nearby wetlands, and enjoy one of the cheapest national parks that I’m aware of (only $3 a person!).  Just remember to hike the dunes early in the day, carry LOTS of water, and expect to get sand in your shoes.


5 thoughts on “Colorado Sandbox

  1. I hiked a huge sand dune on Lake Michigan once, it was incredibly exhausting as well. These ones seem a lot bigger though, it’s like a little desert!

    • These are supposedly the highest dunes in North America (by elevation). 30 square miles of desert in Colorado’s backyard! Are there large sand dunes all along Lake Michigan?

      • I don’t remember what the dunes where called, they are directly on the shore of the lake though. It looks like the Caribbean on the shore, bright blue and white’s so pretty.

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