Almost Sunset in Sunset Hills

I took a brisk walk around Claire Gempp Davidson Conservation Area near Sunset Hills.  The land appears to be part of an old dairy estate.  The small but quiet acreage offers solitude under forest canopy, on the boardwalk over a small wetland, and among interesting plants in their demonstration prairie.

A turtle chillaxes in the constructed wetland, startled only as I began to walk away.

This is a beardtongue (Penstemon), though I don’t feel confident in guessing which species.  These are beautiful native plants for prairie restorations like this as well as a tall, insect-attracting interest in your garden.

This is a Catalpa tree (again, I didn’t investigate species today, but just enjoyed the walk).

The weather in Missouri has been less weathery so far this spring.  I’ve only noted a few real thunderstorms packing hail and wind.  So far.  Tornado season is far from over.  We’re approaching the 1 year mark of the devastating tornado in Joplin, my college home.   After seeing that war zone, I’m more conscious of darkened skies, blaring sirens, and available storm hideouts.  Nature isn’t always flowers and clear skies…


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