Bryce in the Snow, a Nice Wintery Show

Along the long road from Missouri to San Francisco and back in February, we visited Yosemite, Death Valley, and Zion National Parks.  For the next National Park, we took a long 1.1 mile tunnel leading out of Zion Canyon and made our way to Bryce Canyon National Park.  The view of snow-accented hoodoos from several viewpoints, at elevations greater than 8,000+ ft,  were magnificent.  The cool air smelled clean.  The hoodoo amphitheater was splashed with red and orange rock, white snow, brown and green, patient and hardy trees, and a bright blue sky capped this gift from God.

Could stay here all day and run out of memory on my camera!

We were among a handful of visitors on this day.  It’s a pity that traffic goes to the Grand Canyon and bypasses the grand canyons of Utah.  Nevertheless, since I’d never seen the Grand Canyon before…that was the last stop before the push for home.


9 thoughts on “Bryce in the Snow, a Nice Wintery Show

  1. I can see why’d you want to stay all day and use your camera’s memory. It looks fantastically beautiful.

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