Week of the Wood Sorrel

Just a week ago, I visited Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center and Reserve near Kirkwood, MO and noticed many familiar spring ephemerals.  Many of them were up early.  Well, this week, due either to timing or the 90 degree weather, the palette of spring flowers changed drastically.  The lingering bluebells were being overtaken by leafing-out bush honeysuckle (an EVIL invasive), the spring beauties were all but gone, and the toothwort were almost done.  On the other hand, the lone violet wood sorrel I found last week now has many companions.

The Violet Wood Sorrel (Oxalis violacea) occasionally has purple markings on its leaflets, though this one didn’t…

Oxalis violacea

but the leaflets were a vibrant maroon underneath.


2 thoughts on “Week of the Wood Sorrel

    • Thanks for the comment! We do have the common yellow oxalis (Oxalis stricta), considered a weed here, but I suppose there’s other yellow woodsorrels out there. At least they’re native!

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