Fuel Economy Tips: Hypermiling and Ecomodding

(http://www.slideshare.net/themarkofpolo/ecodriving-for-college-students) (no audio)

I gave this presentation to fellow college students during an Earth Day event. I’ve followed the advice and example of several folks at ecomodder.com, who have taught me how to improve my fuel economy in my 2007 Pontiac Vibe.

I am able to do so by first, “Adjusting the nut behind the wheel,” by simply changing my driving habits. I am much more patient, much more aware of my surroundings, and able to squeeze MPGs by coasting (in gear) as much as possible.

Next, I’ve added instrumentation to track my progress (ScanGauge). By knowing my average and instantaneous fuel economy readings, along with other information like coolant temp and intake air temp, I am able to adjust my driving style on the fly to garner more MPGs.

Finally, I’ve slightly modified my vehicle for greater efficiency.  See the presentation for more information on “Ecomodding.”

Before visiting the site, I averaged 28.5 MPG hwy/city combined and ranging from 28 to 33 in city and on the highway, respectively. Now, my fuel economy ranges from 30 to 38 for city/hwy. For all fillups recorded since mid 2010, I am averaging 33+ mpg on a fairly regular basis.  (Sure, it would be better not to drive at all, however that is simply not an option in the Midwest.)

If you decide to visit ecomodder.com or similar sites like cleanmpg.com, check through their exhaustive lists of tips.  If you have questions, take them to the forums and join scores of people seeking to reduce their fuel consumption and save money in the process.


6 thoughts on “Fuel Economy Tips: Hypermiling and Ecomodding

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  2. I’ve got an ’09 Vibe….the no frills model and absolutely love this little car…especially driving in the mountains. I’ve been able to get 33mpg, but only when I’m not commuting back and forth to work. Stop’n go traffic is the worst for fuel economy. Nice post and now I really gotta get my speakers to work… 😉

    • Thanks for stopping by! It’s going to be tough getting high MPGs with mountains and traffic. 33 is respectable for a newer Vibe! Mine (2007) gets slightly better fuel economy since it’s got a smaller motor. If you’re in traffic, try your best to eye the traffic and traffic lights further ahead. If you follow the same commute, learn the timing of the lights, and ways to tell when they turn (walk/don’t walk signs and timed turn lights are helpfull). Not much to do in the mountains except don’t romp it up or brake too much going down…basic stuff. One more trick specific to the Vibe: it LOVES to coast between 65-35 mph. Taking the foot off the gas, even for a few seconds, improves FE drastically. Good luck!

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