Coal Creates Jobs

OK, so I was rather frustrated with the political debate over job creation/stifling by environmental regulation. So here is a brief rant describing some of the jobs created by or resulting from the coal industry.

Yes, coal creates jobs. lobbyist jobs. marketing jobs. mountain demolition jobs. mining jobs. home and town construction jobs, mine-induced healthcare jobs, secondary exposure healthcare jobs, cancer screening and clinical jobs, environmental health jobs, water quality specialist jobs, aquatic ecotoxicology jobs, remediation and restoration jobs, coal burning jobs, air quality jobs, environmental injustice placement of power plants jobs, carbon sequestration jobs, climatologist jobs, “clean coal” promotion jobs, EPA coal regulation jobs, scrubber jobs, EPA coal deregulation lobbying jobs, coal subsidy lobbying jobs, renewable energy subsidy opposing jobs, “October Sky” jobs.


5 thoughts on “Coal Creates Jobs

  1. Amazing. So clearly written and thoughtfully put. I love love love your blog and shall be following in non-stalker like fashion. Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday – much appreciated!

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